Podcasts will be published here very soon. In this three-part series, we share the experiences of people joining this project and becoming a part of the EmbedEDI community. If you would like to join the conversation, email Sophie Rutter s.rutter@sheffield.ac.uk, or tweet us @embedEDI.

Episode 1: hear the Embed EDI team

Yuhua Wang (University of Sheffield)

Suvodeep Mazumdar (University of Sheffield)

Sophie Rutter (University of Sheffield)
Efpraxia Zamani (University of Sheffield)
Jo McKenna-Aspell (University of Sheffield)
Yuhua Wang (University of Sheffield)

Recording and editing
James Marriott (Sound Media)

The research team introduce the project: their motivations for joining the research; the celebrations and challenges so far; and what else can be done to improve EDI in usability research.

Broadcast date
Coming very soon - watch this space!